12th Physics Brawl

Do you have a team of 5 high school students who enjoy physics and would like to compete in the international competition? Make a team and come to compete with others in Prague on February 16th! The best teams will receive attractive prizes.

12th Physics Brawl

The next year is here!

The 12th FYKOS Physics Brawl will be held on Friday, February 16, 2018, in the morning at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Malá Strana and Karlov.

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Don't you know what Physics Brawl is?

Physics Brawl is a traditional team competition. Each team consists of at most 5 members of high school students interested in mathematics and physics. Their task is to score as many points as possible within 3 hours of solving physics tasks. Look at the past years and the task examples!

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Engage your brain!

Compare your strengths with other high school students! This year for the first time from all over Europe.

The tasks are sorted according to the difficulty, so the competition is really enjoyable for everyone.

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How to participate?

Contest rules have not changed since the last year. The competition takes three hours and 5-member teams of high school students, which are divided into three categories, participate.

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If you are not from Prague, we have accommodation for you!

If you are interested in accommodation the day before the competition, you can find all the information on a separate page about accommodation.

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Win cool prizes!

We have prepared various prices for the best solvers of each category. There are physics books, board games, card games or scientific calculators.

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