Physics Brawl - Team Contest in Prague

Come to Prague and participate in the Physics Team Contest! It is a team contest for high school and grammar school students. It is organised by students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University. Every high school or grammar school student can participate (precisely – it is for ISCED 2011 - 3, or exceptionally gifted ISCED 2 students.). The teams of up to five members will solve various physics problems. The best teams will win prizes.

Please, if you are interested in participating at Physics Brawl 2017, let us now as know at e-mail address

Come and join one of the biggest high school competitions in Central Europe!

Important: This page is still under construction, so please keep following these pages (or refer to Czech version) for up to date information.

Rules of the contest

  1. The maximum number of team members is five. Smaller teams can participate, but they would have no advantage.
  2. Each team gets 7 problems at the beginning. If a team submits a correct result of the problem, it will obtain points and get another problem.
  3. Duration of the contest itself is 3 hours.
  4. You can use a calculator and any literature during the contest. The Internet is not allowed.