Onlie Physics Brawl – how to

How to join the game

Click Log in on the main page and fill the log in form. Use name of your team and game password that you filled to your team application.

Only after the game starts you can see the link (Competition) to the problems page. (Of course, you may test your credentials earlier.)

:!: Expect that in the beginning the server will have longer response times and refreshing the page earlier than the previous request completes is not benefitial at all.

Forgotten password

Should it happen you couldn't log in with your alleged password send us a message to with subject containing Forgotten password and name of your team.

How to modify team members

If your team's members changed after registration, click on your team's name in the upper right corner. Because of the competing category you should change only high-schoolers for high-schoolers and non-high-schoolers for non-high-schoolers. If you wanted to cross-high-school-change send us an e-mail to with subject Changed members and a name of your team.

Please note, that after official registration deadline e-mail links are no longer valid so you can modify your team only as described above.

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