12th Physics Brawl

Do you have a team of 5 high school students who enjoy physics and would like to compete in the international competition? Make a team and come to compete with others in Prague on February 16th! The best teams will receive attractive prizes.

Rules of the 12th Physics Brawl

The competition is governed by the rules (Czech language only) of Physics Brawl and following regulations. The rules are valid for the 12. Physics Brawl (16/02/2017).

You can find registration and another details of this year onthe main page of the contest.


  • You have to sign up using web interface fykos.cz/events/physicsbrawl, in order for a team to compete.
  • By signing up, the team commits to meeting these rules and adhering to them.
  • The team can not be composed of students from more than two schools.
  • Up to two teams can include students from one school. In the case of open positions in the competition, eventually also in other circumstances, the organizers reserve the right to make an exception to this rule.
  • By the end ot the registration, the names of all team members must be announced. Prior to the competition, it is possible to perform substitutions by individual participants in exceptional cases, but team members can not be added.
  • While submission of the application, the team may decide for transfer from its category to category A (category for the oldest, which is included for the Excellence program of the Secondary School, this competition category takes place in the Lesser Town of Prague, unlike the B and C, taking place at Ke Karlovu 3 and 5 ). The organizers reserve the right, in the case of a large number of teams, not to allow this assignment to some teams.
  • The tasks are same for all of the cathegories.
  • Every cathegory has it's own scoreboard.
  • Participants are allowed to communicate only with their team members or with the organizers during the contest. Any interaction with teachers, other teams, etc. is strictly forbidden.
  • Teams are allowed to use any literature in paper form. The use of the Internet is prohibited during the competition. Calculators and writing or drawing tools are also allowed. The calculator is not allowed to access the Internet or any form of communication (such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc. are not allowed as calculators).


  • Teams are required to appear on time. The organizers reserve the right to refuse to accept late-arrival teams.
  • Teams are required to register on arrival and give precise details of their members (school years, schools, etc.).
  • Each team receives an envelope with the first seven tasks. It is forbidden to open this envelope before the head of the room gives an order.

Contest system

  • The contest takes 3 hours.
  • At the beginning of the competition, each team receives 7 tasks which they are trying to solve.
  • If the team thinks that it has reached the right solution, they can send one representative to stated correcting organizer who will tell him whether the solution is wrong or well. The representative has to submit the paper with the task and with the written result.
  • The correct correcting organizer is chosen based on the number of the solved task. The exact algorithm for choosing organizers will be explained before the contest.
  • If the solution is wrong, the representative returns to his team and solves further.
  • If the solution is good, the correcting organizer marks the paper with the number of points earned and send the representative to the publisher from whom he receivs a new taks.
  • Tasks are scored according to the number of attempts needed to resolve, as follows: one attempt - 5 points, two attempts - 3 points, three attempts - 2 points and four or more attempts - 1 point.
  • The goal of each team is to get as many points as possible.
  • If the competition passes of too slowly, the organizers reserve the right to give one or more new tasks to all teams.
  • All current team results are displayed during the competition. These will be hidden 20 minutes before the end of the contest.
  • If it is found that there is a serious problem with the assignment of a certain task, the organizers reserve the right to exclude this task from the competition without any compensation of the teams, for the time spent solving it.

Concluding the competition and announcing the winners

  • The end of the competition is announced by the head of the room in which the team competes.
  • After the announcement of the end of the competition, teams can no longer send their representatives to the correcting organizers. If a member of the team stands in a queue before the end of the contest, he may stay there and his solution will be corrected, but he is forbidden to use writing aids.
  • If the order of the teams is not determined by the number of points, the following criteria is applayed (in the order given): Higher average point gain per task, less time needed to solve all the tasks (only if the team solves all the tasks) and a random draw.

Final Provisions

  • Organizers reserve the right to make minor changes to the rules prior to the start of the competition.
  • Organizers may disqualify a team that seriously violates the rules.
  • In the case of any problems not specified in these rules, the main organizer or the head of the room decides on their solution.
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