"headline": "35th year of FYKOS begins",
      "text": "A few days ago, we published the **first series** of a new year of FYKOS!\n\nEven though the summer holidays are actually underway, we come with the 1st series of the 35th year of our correspondence competition. Among other tasks, we are going to solve the problem with stopping on skates, capacity and mechanical stability of the capacitor, examine the safety of volcanoes from a physical point and also have a look at the water boil in the experimental part. Therefore, you can start to think about these problems.\n\nFinally, don´t worry about the deadline. It is on October 11, so you don´t have to solve everything during your holidays…",
      "backgrounds": {
          "outer": "2",
          "inner": "fykos-blue"
      "buttons": [
              "page": ":problems",
              "title": "First series problems assignment"


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